Small Engine Repair



In this video I’m going to be talking about small-time engine repair I was mowing this when I ran into a small problem. And now my riding mower sounds like this: Worst-case scenario the shaft is bent. That’s something that’s not safe to fix and the solution is exactly to buy brand-new lawn mower. But let’s not anxiety hitherto. No fear I flexed the blade so I’ll go ahead and change that first. Always unplug the spark plug before is currently working on a riding mower. This is the mulching blade. It’s supposed to be inclination … but not this much. A bent blade that is out of counterbalance can cause a lot of pulse. A brand-new blade extends around twenty dollars but it’s easy to change. All right we have the brand-new blade in place so let’s shoot it up and see if it makes a difference. You can already see that it’s a lot better but there’s still some entertaining rackets and still some pulse. The flywheel key is going to have to be changed as well. This part is designed to be sacrificed when something like a stomp or rock causes the engine stopped abruptly.

It’s a awfully inexpensive persona but some disassembly is necessitated. Now I watched a whole lot of YouTube videos on how to change the flywheel key and some videos become better than others. On my website I link to the two excellent videos that I find. “Its what” the flywheel looks like. The slippery persona is going that 15/16 inch nut off because everything wants to turn. Now an impact strain will work best if you have one. If not you can do what I purposed up doing I exercised case of lumber propped between granting discharge trough and the blade in order to stop the blade from moving and I was able to remove the nut with the regular socket strain. Here are two flywheel keys. Yep that’s the aged one on the left sheared right in half and on the right is the new key.

With the flywheel back situate it’s just such matters up rowing up the slit and setting the brand-new key. Check out the steady camera project. All right there “theres going”. The key is still in place and the lawn mower is capable of being reassembled. Now I did have to go out and buy a torque strain like this one now because that 15/16 inch nut has to be torqued to 55 foot-pounds Now the moment of truth: Perfect. So, there you have it. For more information and for the links to those YouTube videos that I mentioned you are able to visit the blog affix on my website at mower Thank you very much for watching. Cheers.

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