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Now it’s time for limbing work calmly and methodically as it’s easy to get kickbacks try to place the trunk so that you can work between waist and knee height stand to the left to the trunk and work from the base of the tree upwards stand firmly with your feet apart and keep the saw close to your body work with both the pulling and pushing chain and always try to rest his saw on the trunk or against your hip take care not to contact branches with the upper part of the bar nose only move when you have the trunk between yourself and the bar of the saw branches on the upper side at the trunk can be cut with the saw lying on its side you can limb the branches on the underside of the truck at the same time as the rest if you have a good working height if the tree has large branches they can be under great tension in which case you should limb then from the outside and in towards the truck saw with the bar held vertically to reduce the risk of getting caught if the branch is very large you might have to cut it from two sides observe how the branches attention so that you can solve them from the correct side otherwise there is a risk the saw will get caught if the tree is lying right on the ground you’ll have to wait the branches on the bottom until you’re finished with the others and roll the trunk over be careful when the trunk is close to the ground since it’s quite a risk that you touch something with the tip of the bar which will cause a kickback now you got cross-cutting left study the tree before you start especially if the trunk is thick first try to see how it’s tensioned watch how the trunk reacts when you start to saw you might have misjudged the tension stand off to the side of the cut since the trunk can jump up when it comes apart never stand below the truck at the ground a sloping if the trunk lies so that the pressure comes from above start with the cut from above saw about one third of the way through the trunk or until it starts to pinch the bar then cut from underneath to meet the first cut if instead the trunk lies so that the pressure comes from below you work the other way around start by sawing from underneath about one third of the way through the trunk or until it starts to pinch the bar then cut from above to meet the first cut if the bar gets stuck don’t try to pull out the saw instead stop the engine bend open the trunk until the thaw comes loose when you finished work it’s a good idea to take a look at your saw to make sure its functioning properly is safe and ready to go the next time you need it of course maintenance requirements depend on how much you use the saw

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