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Hi everyone. Today I’ll school you about safe operation and maintenance of your BCS walk-behind tractor. I’ll too touch on the proper uses for three of the many BCS feelings. The first thing we are to be able to do is crowd this machine with gas. We’ve let it cool down for five minutes before doing this. On top here is the “dead-man” switch( aka kill switch) and down here is the clutch. To start the machine, you’re going to constrict the two administers together and throw the excerpt in. You’ll want to make sure that your machine is out of gear and that your throttle is all the way forward. The top lever here is the smother and to start the machine you’re going to turn it all the room to the left. Formerly the machine is started, you’ll want to turn the smother the whole way back to the right, which would be off. So you can see how the machine started to move around there. Sometimes it was able to jump into gear so you’ll want to give it office in front and behind for that to happen without you coming caught for the purposes of the feelings. Today I’m going to use the rototiller component to reveal you how the kill switch works.

If you let go of both sets of administers in your left hand, the machine will stop automatically. So with any portion of farm rig, you want to make sure you are garmented appropriately. So today I have earplugs to shield my ears, and then I too have closed-toed shoes, long throbs, and a cozy but snug part shirt. So, we are going to start to use the machine to move up that field and we’re going to stay in first gear when using all of the feelings today.

We are going to go into second gear to move around the different parts of one field and we might use third gear to disappear from one field to the next. If you do use third gear, realize that it is a very fast-paced gear and you’re going to have to run after the machine so precisely be careful when you do that. Now I’m going to briefly show you the proper usages for three of the many BCS feelings. The Berta rotary move is used to break ground in areas new to seeding. This process is announced primary tillage. It is also used for acquiring promoted beds.

The rototiller is expended for broken off grime clumps after primary tillage. The hiller/ furrower attachment has a very specific chore; sure-fire plants, like potatoes, necessary additional grime added to the plot during the season. If you’re planning on using this attachment, you’ll necessary the rototiller so you can rob it to the hitch underneath the safety hood. For sure-fire feelings like the sickle forbid mower, you’re going to want the handlebars to be in front of the rotates, rather than following like with the rototiller. In guild to do that you’re going to remove these levers, constrict the direct( in your helping hand ), and revolve the whole way around. Then you’ll situated the levers back in place, and you’re ready to remain. After every day in the field, it’s important to moisten the machine.

The first thing we’re going to do is make knife and take out anything that’s wrapped around the shaft and are particularly careful to remove cloth that wrapped really close to the brings here. Then, once that’s all cleaned out, we’re going to utilize this hose to hose out the inside of the safety shield and around the tines. You need to be careful to remove any cloth that’s wrapped around rods or moving segments. This includes this attachment, as well as all other feelings, and the drive wheel rods back here. If this type of upkeep is not acted, you won’t be able to use your machine for very long.

When moving the tiller, you’ll need to use two tie-downs. We encountered the best room to use the tie-downs is to situated them through the rotates so that the tiller is lock on the trailer. Before the start of each day, there’s a few events you need to check before you can get get. The first is your device oil. So you’re going to unscrew the dipstick, pluck it out, and wipe it off with a clean-living cloth. Then you’ll carefully fasten it back in and then screw it back away. To make sure that your reading is accurate, you’ll want to make sure that your machine is on a level face we have ours blocked up here. So “were about” checking to see if the level of the oil is about three-quarters of the room up the dipstick, and we examine good.

If it was less than that, you would add more. The next concept you want to check is your air filter which is back here in this black box. So we’ll unscrew the cross-shaped nut and pull off the pitch-black handle and we’ll examine the pre-filter. It looks pretty clean-living but if it were dusty we are to be able either blow air from the inside out or we are to be able clean it and then let it bone-dry before we start working. And the last concept you want to check at the commencement of every period is your tire stres got to make sure there is not any slump in the tires.

Additionally, there are things you need to change once a year. The first is your device oil. Again, you’ll want to change that out once a year. And additionally, you were supposed to do that about every 100 hours which, for a business farm, would be about the mid-season that it’s being used in. The next concept is that you’ll have to supersede your spark plug which is back here between the air filter and the engine. You’ll too want to check your gear oil which is back here and add lubricant to any moving relationships like the PTO or the gear switching levers. And then the last concept you’ll have to do once a year is change your oil filter. And if you have any more questions about statements based on their simulation or any other questions you may have, then you’ll want to consult the bible. But, if you do those events, then your machine should be well taken care of.

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