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Honda Generators



Honda Generators. Hi this is Ron Weingartz, here today to talk about generators whether using generators for for play for homestand by or for work Honda makes four different series generators fit any any application we’ll start with their EU series the EU are in inverter style generators I what they call their super quiet serious the EU series generators are fully enclosed were all the noise the inverter technology is very compact design is very clean technology so that’s the power come now the generator is very clean so is able to run computers and you more sophisticated equipment they offer a differerent models ranging from a 1000 watt or two thousand watt which are very common for camping are very compact I’m easy to carry lightweight move up into the 3000 watt which is offered in two models one of four wheels, this one here with a handy handle makes it easy to move on up to a 6500 watt which is the ultimate a home standby or are if you out with your RV bring some larger larger items.

They also have on the 2000 watt model they have what they call a companion feature which enables you with the parallel cable kit be able to hook two generators together, to get a full four thousand watts so we need the extra power you’re able to you add, add the extra generator. Another very nice feature on the EU series generator, is what they call the eco throttle. Eco throttle automatically adjust the engine RPM’s to match the power on that is required out of the generator that lowers your noise level and also dramatically increases fuel consumption because your engine is basically running at just the RPM’s needed you know for the for the power requirements that using at that time are they also some nice logo kits for camping you can customize it for a for the tailgate parties with your favorite favorite teams was available in college and and pro pro sports teams. Honda also makes what they call their EM Deluxe Series generator.

This is very common for a home on backup power available there are 4,000 watt 5000 watt or 6500 watt in the 6500 watt come standard with the 12 volt electric start system, see you don’t pull the rope to start, very few start. This particular one the 6500 watt all Honda generators do offer external circuit breakers so if you should overall the generator will trip the circuit breaker. On this particular generator also has with call auto throttle but the auto throttle when you’re not pulling power from the generator it will idle the generator back down, lowering your noise level or the fuel consumption wear and tear on the generator very nice piece we’re home standby because if you don’t need the power it will automatically idle it down for you. It also has intelligent, intelligent automatic voltage regulation system and what that will do for you is when you do have a spike in power for example the sump pump when it kicks on who will draw higher surge at the initial surge this will enable a generator peak up to 2000 watts higher, for 10 seconds Up to 2000 watts higher depending on the model than the there the rated wattage so you’re able to use mean little smaller generator is still have all those, those spikes.

It also comes with a DC charging outlet so if your battery should be dead on your car other needs for DC charger you know that does come standard. Handle has a nice fold down handle tucks away for storage. Move and it locks up in place makes generator very easy to move a you know this good size generator. All Honda’s EM series generators have a external fuel gauge which lets know where you are in your your fuel tank also has a low oil shutdown system so if you do run continues length of the time and the engine should run low it will automatically turn the generator off to save any potential damage to the generator next move to the Honda EB series generators which are the contractor line and it recognizes the most trusted contractor doing in the market today has all the same features as the EM serious like the full frame the fold up handles the auto throttle and the intelligent are auto voltage regulation system what they add for construction sites they have a handy tow hook so if you want to lift it for a crane, lift it with the crane makes it easy easy access.

It also has a ground fault interrupter also is a GFCI neutral bond to meet the OSHA requirements for using on on a job site The Honda EB series are available in four thousand 5000 watt 6500 watt and the new 10,000 watt size size models. One other model in the Honda EB construction Series line is there EB 3,000 C The EB 3000C uses a cycle converter technology. The cycle converter technology is extremely light clean power, enabling Honda to build a 3000 watt generator that only weighs 68 pounds Yet is commercial grade for day in day out use. It’s very popular on job sites for any something light and easy with removing the generator quite often maybe on a service truck are so very popular generator for for those commercial applications. From there were going to move into the Honda EG series the EG Series is our economy line. It is available 4000, 5000, 6500 watt configurations What’s nice with the Honda EG serious even though it’s an economy line is still the same the same Honda quality as far as their good heavy duty commercial grade engine excellent generator technology for you see it doesn’t have the wheel kit doesn’t have the auto throttle.


Honda Generators

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