Buyer’s Guide to Chainsaws



Guide to Chainsaws Hello my name is Ron Weingartz. I would like to talk to you about what to look for when purchasing a chainsaw. There are many different sizes and variation to chainsaws, we going to start with electric powered saw. Electric powered saw will be an excellent choice if you just trimming around the house and with close access to electrical source. More conventionally we see is a gas power chain saw. Gas power chain saws are available in different sizes and engines and different chain length. The typical gas saw will start with the 14inch burn chain. This is a small engine which is also very light eight.

The light weight makes it easier to handle so if you have occasional use or maybe you occasionally have a tree to cut down. This is an excellent choice for the lighter type use. As you move up in the chains, and saws and you get some larger displaced engines which will handle your heavier cutting if you have the harder wood say an oak example or larger diameter tree, you have more power to handle that. And then there is also get the capability to add the larger sized bar. For typical home use 14, 16 or 18 inch bar depending on the application that you are using it for will be an excellent choice but bars are available up to 40 inch for a more professional type of use.

As you get into the large size of the larger displaced engine which handle a large bar but also will require a larger chain. Large chains will cut faster because you are taking a large bite of wood. And the large engine will have the extra power to handle the extra bar size and the large diameter chain. As you get into the large saw’s you also do pick-up little extra weight if you do heavier cutting you going to need that extra power but for light use you may not want that extra weight. Another important feature is the vibration on the saw. There is a good inner vibration system. The inner vibration system basically rubber mounts to the engine it helps to absorb the engine vibration so less vibration up into the handles.

It’s also very important typically when you using a saw you have your gloves on many times as in the fall or winter use. For your fuel reservoir and your burn chain resouvour with large diameter caps are very easy to remove with gloves. It makes it easier to fill those reservoirs. It’s also important safety feature that is definitely something that you want in any saw is a chain breaking system. Chain breaking system what that will do is if you should have a kick-back on burn chain, the break will engage to prevent, stopping the chain and hopefully preventing any injuries.

Also another thing you will see another time there will be comparable sized engines on different saws, but they will be lighter on weight, and have more hose power. Those are typically professional grade saws. Professional grade saws designed for longer usage. The lighter weight materials, and different engine technology to develop more power. So that is an excellent choice but you will pay a premium for those features. Also as I mentioned the chain is the part that is doing the work so sharp chain is very important. You may want to consider having a spare chain, so if you see double chain while you using, you could put a sharp chain to continue the project at hand. Chains can be sharpened either manually by yourself with a chain filing system or they be professionally done. The other thing is your chain safety is you want to make sure you have safety apparel. You want to make sure you have adequate ear protection, ear protection because the chains are usually very loud. This will help prevent ear damage. Also you have a lot of wood chips flying, when you using a saw you want to make sure you have proper eye protection to prevent any eye damage .

very proper way for protection is what they call a helmet system .helmet system has a hard hat so any falls ill protect the head , the eye shield that can be raised very easily put down when in use. And then has a built in ear protection as well. So this is an excellent choice to give you full protection. Another thing you may want to consider is a chap system, chaps have in the chaps so the chain should cross your leg, the chap will rap around the chain and help prevent any damage. I hope that helps in helping making a good decision for a chainsaw..

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