Ariens Snowblowers

Ariens Snowblower



Putting our name on something means everything.

​From etching “Ariens” onto our first rototiller in 1933 to stamping our logo onto zero-turn mowers today, putting our name on a machine is a very meaningful moment. It means we believe in that machine, we stand behind it, and we’ve put everything we’ve got into it. Because we don’t just put our family name on machines, we put our family name on the line.

We’re called The King of Snow, and we’ve earned it. Over 3 million snow blowers produced since 1960. The #1 selling brand of two-stage snow blowers in the world. Machines that are passed down from one generation to the next. No, it’s not just a snow blower. It’s an Ariens.

Top-of-the-line. For commercial and heavy residential use.

Designed and built for professionals, but also used by homeowners who don’t mess around. Huge 23.5” housing height to swallow deep snow drifts. 16” auger diameter. 420cc engine. Blows snow up to 60 feet and clears 79-102 tons/hour based on model. Choice of 28-36” clearing widths. Starting at $2,199.

Fully loaded, both with power and convenient features.

If you’re the type who wants it all, meet your snow blower. Top-end residential blower includes heated handgrips, Super High Output impeller, Auto-Turn Steering Technology and premium Ariens engine options. 14” auger diameter. High 21” housing height eats up the drifts. Blows snow up to 55 feet and clears 73-83 tons/hour based on model. Choice of 24-30” clearing widths. Starting at $1,499.

It’s just pure machine. Straight-forward power and performance.

When it piles up, this no-nonsense beast is all business. Large Impeller and Auto-Turn Steering Technology with big, grippy tires. 14” auger diameter. High 21” housing height for the blizzard days. Blows snow up to 50 feet and clears 62-72 tons/hour based on model. Choice of 24-30” clearing widths. Starting at $999.

Fits into small spaces. Delivers big performance.

Ariens legendary snow blowing, available in a condensed package. It’s light and easy to handle, yet has all-steel construction and high 20” housing to power through any drift. Folding handlebars for easy storage. 11” auger diameter. Blows snow up to 40 feet and clears 55-58 tons/hour based on the model. Choice of 20-24” clearing widths. Starting at $799.

Traction for properties with hills or steep driveways.

Constant traction leads to constant performance. No matter how icy, slippery, hilly or steep the terrain, our Track models maintain constant contact with the surface, so snow is quickly and efficiently removed. Track models feature 6 different forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds and are available across several Ariens Series types.

The single-stage blower that performs like a two-stage.

It’s lightweight and easy to move. But it’s no lightweight. With a beastly Ariens-built engine, a 12.2” housing height and 8.375” paddles, the Path Pro clears up to 9” of snow all the way to the pavement. Available electric start. Blows snow up to 35 feet and features a clearing width of 21”. Starting at an affordable $399.

Redmax Leaf Blower





Redmax Blower

Considered an industry leader in performance, durability and selection, RedMax’s handheld and backpack leaf blowers are efficient, powerful and easy to operate.

Handheld blowers have a lightweight construction and are extremely well-balanced for easier handling.

All backpack units are equipped with variable speed cruise control throttles and extra-wide shoulder straps and a contoured, air-forced, cushioned back pad that keeps users cool in the field. RedMax backpack blowers use only commercial-grade engines with large 2-stage air filters for long service life. Most models include our patented Strato-Charged engine technology. Backpack blowers are also equipped with wide-sweep elbow rotation for full operator mobility and maneuverability, even in cold weather. Commercial models are equipped with Free Flow Air Net, which reduces air intake blockage providing maximum blowing performance.


Redmax Trimmer

RedMax’s line of heavy-duty, commercial grade trimmers can clear, trim or edge multiple acreage estates of unwanted grass and weeds with ease.

RedMax weed trimmers include solid-steel drive shafts that are splined on both ends. This reduces vibration and improves acceleration, creating a much higher load-carrying capacity. The result is an efficient, low-friction, smooth-running machine that is comfortable to use. Solid-steel drive shaft systems deliver trouble-free operation with no maintenance and downtime when compared to flex-cable or flex-shaft units.

Redmax Brushcutter

Built to withstand the most difficult clearing jobs from tough grasses and shrubs to dense undergrowth, RedMax brushcutters are the highest caliber professional-commercial duty equipment available. Equipped with heavy-duty integrated vibration reduction systems and ergonomic handles and grips, these superior units are easy-to-use with a focus on maximizing user comfort in the field. Most models are backed by a full, two-year commercial warranty.

Select brushcutter models also feature our patented, Strato-Charged engine technology, producing fewer emissions and up to 20% more fuel efficiency.

RedMax offers a range of brushcutter blades to meet all your landscaping needs. To learn more, see the Brushcutter Blade Accessories grid featured in the section titled, “Trimmer and Brushcutter Accessories.”

RedMax brushcutters offer rapid acceleration and high torque, and are combined with optimized gear case transmission ratios for superior cutting performance.

Redmax Hedge Trimmer

RedMax offers an extensive line of powerful, environmentally-friendly hedge trimmers engineered for outstanding performance in any environment. Extra stability comes from caged-steel needle bearings that support blade-connecting rods. The blades are made of case-hardened, high-carbon steel to reduce the need for sharpening.

All hedge trimmers incorporate double-reciprocating blades to provide fast, clean, manicured cuts. Our double-sided blades are best used for fast cutting in any direction when time is most important. When accuracy is the highest priority, the single-sided blades are used for accurate sculpting and creative cutting.

Most models also include our patented clean-combustion Strato-Charged engine technology, making them up to 20% more fuel-efficient with reduced emissions. Easy to start and long-lasting, most of these hedge trimmers are backed by a full two-year commercial warranty.

Redmax Edger

RedMax edgers are lightweight and efficient, yet tough enough to handle nearly any terrain. Advanced features include MaxTorque cutting to prevent stalling, an open-face, clog-resistant guard made of sturdy aluminum (no plastic here!), vibration dampening for user comfort and extremely dependable component parts. Even the trigger is nearly unbreakable, designed and constructed to withstand even the most vigorous, extended wear and tear.

RedMax straight shaft edgers deliver the best transfer of power and are used in very difficult soil or clay. The curved shaft edgers are used primarily in loose or soft soil areas where less power is needed.

Select models are equipped with our patented Strato-Charged engine technology. These lawn edgers combine more horsepower with reduced emissions and up to 20% more fuel efficiency. Most edgers are backed by a full two-year commercial warranty.





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Pressure Washer









In this clip, we’re going to show you how to start the machine. First find the, locate the on/off switch. We’ve already checked the oil and the gas in this one, so normally with this particular model, all you need to do is turn it on. This would be the choke, pull out for the choke and then there’s a ripcord. I have not seen one that is just a manual start but I’m sure their out there. Here we go, I’ll give it a rip, you want to make sure you place one hand on top of the unit, not on the muffler.

Locate the muffler that will be very hot. But since I haven’t started this, normally I like to place my hand on the air filter, sturdy the machine so it won’t jump away, and give it a rip. It’s normal that they blow a little smoke, when they get up here. We had to transport this to get to this location. Generally that is a little pre start, and now I’ll turn on the water and get the machine ready to do some work.

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BCS Tillers

Mantis Tiller Parts

Mantis Tiller Parts



This go to refer to those reviews whenever god and we need to keep the weeds down using a rototiller no need to move into a monster muscle and population is the way we do that where they do it manually uh… which is burgess handy as opposed to on that cammy bit boring and united dismissal lexus eliza uh… went on the did you do know that the brought it over is a brilliant means of doing so with allegedly pat will get it down these rototiller machines are not choice will do a very good job and the other garden tiller devices like uh…

The removable easy to operate and so what would it doesn’t go out to the market we look for the most popular brands logo on the market and throwing research as well as are using feedback from a lot of uses of these trends we’ve come up with a raging in popularity thus can be found outside w_w_w_ dot based calendar wanted to those reviews dot com where we have a technical section explains a lot bits and pieces of these missions that we have a section on how we develop the rankings thronged when researching user sabic and we hope that this provides you with a support regarding a rototiller before a little societal uh…

in the market usual decision so thanks for months.

Mantis Tiller Parts

Buyer’s Guide to Honda Generators

Honda Generators



Honda Generators. Hi this is Ron Weingartz, here today to talk about generators whether using generators for for play for homestand by or for work Honda makes four different series generators fit any any application we’ll start with their EU series the EU are in inverter style generators I what they call their super quiet serious the EU series generators are fully enclosed were all the noise the inverter technology is very compact design is very clean technology so that’s the power come now the generator is very clean so is able to run computers and you more sophisticated equipment they offer a differerent models ranging from a 1000 watt or two thousand watt which are very common for camping are very compact I’m easy to carry lightweight move up into the 3000 watt which is offered in two models one of four wheels, this one here with a handy handle makes it easy to move on up to a 6500 watt which is the ultimate a home standby or are if you out with your RV bring some larger larger items.

They also have on the 2000 watt model they have what they call a companion feature which enables you with the parallel cable kit be able to hook two generators together, to get a full four thousand watts so we need the extra power you’re able to you add, add the extra generator. Another very nice feature on the EU series generator, is what they call the eco throttle. Eco throttle automatically adjust the engine RPM’s to match the power on that is required out of the generator that lowers your noise level and also dramatically increases fuel consumption because your engine is basically running at just the RPM’s needed you know for the for the power requirements that using at that time are they also some nice logo kits for camping you can customize it for a for the tailgate parties with your favorite favorite teams was available in college and and pro pro sports teams. Honda also makes what they call their EM Deluxe Series generator.

This is very common for a home on backup power available there are 4,000 watt 5000 watt or 6500 watt in the 6500 watt come standard with the 12 volt electric start system, see you don’t pull the rope to start, very few start. This particular one the 6500 watt all Honda generators do offer external circuit breakers so if you should overall the generator will trip the circuit breaker. On this particular generator also has with call auto throttle but the auto throttle when you’re not pulling power from the generator it will idle the generator back down, lowering your noise level or the fuel consumption wear and tear on the generator very nice piece we’re home standby because if you don’t need the power it will automatically idle it down for you. It also has intelligent, intelligent automatic voltage regulation system and what that will do for you is when you do have a spike in power for example the sump pump when it kicks on who will draw higher surge at the initial surge this will enable a generator peak up to 2000 watts higher, for 10 seconds Up to 2000 watts higher depending on the model than the there the rated wattage so you’re able to use mean little smaller generator is still have all those, those spikes.

It also comes with a DC charging outlet so if your battery should be dead on your car other needs for DC charger you know that does come standard. Handle has a nice fold down handle tucks away for storage. Move and it locks up in place makes generator very easy to move a you know this good size generator. All Honda’s EM series generators have a external fuel gauge which lets know where you are in your your fuel tank also has a low oil shutdown system so if you do run continues length of the time and the engine should run low it will automatically turn the generator off to save any potential damage to the generator next move to the Honda EB series generators which are the contractor line and it recognizes the most trusted contractor doing in the market today has all the same features as the EM serious like the full frame the fold up handles the auto throttle and the intelligent are auto voltage regulation system what they add for construction sites they have a handy tow hook so if you want to lift it for a crane, lift it with the crane makes it easy easy access.

It also has a ground fault interrupter also is a GFCI neutral bond to meet the OSHA requirements for using on on a job site The Honda EB series are available in four thousand 5000 watt 6500 watt and the new 10,000 watt size size models. One other model in the Honda EB construction Series line is there EB 3,000 C The EB 3000C uses a cycle converter technology. The cycle converter technology is extremely light clean power, enabling Honda to build a 3000 watt generator that only weighs 68 pounds Yet is commercial grade for day in day out use. It’s very popular on job sites for any something light and easy with removing the generator quite often maybe on a service truck are so very popular generator for for those commercial applications. From there were going to move into the Honda EG series the EG Series is our economy line. It is available 4000, 5000, 6500 watt configurations What’s nice with the Honda EG serious even though it’s an economy line is still the same the same Honda quality as far as their good heavy duty commercial grade engine excellent generator technology for you see it doesn’t have the wheel kit doesn’t have the auto throttle.


Honda Generators

Buyer’s Guide to Chainsaws



Guide to Chainsaws Hello my name is Ron Weingartz. I would like to talk to you about what to look for when purchasing a chainsaw. There are many different sizes and variation to chainsaws, we going to start with electric powered saw. Electric powered saw will be an excellent choice if you just trimming around the house and with close access to electrical source. More conventionally we see is a gas power chain saw. Gas power chain saws are available in different sizes and engines and different chain length. The typical gas saw will start with the 14inch burn chain. This is a small engine which is also very light eight.

The light weight makes it easier to handle so if you have occasional use or maybe you occasionally have a tree to cut down. This is an excellent choice for the lighter type use. As you move up in the chains, and saws and you get some larger displaced engines which will handle your heavier cutting if you have the harder wood say an oak example or larger diameter tree, you have more power to handle that. And then there is also get the capability to add the larger sized bar. For typical home use 14, 16 or 18 inch bar depending on the application that you are using it for will be an excellent choice but bars are available up to 40 inch for a more professional type of use.

As you get into the large size of the larger displaced engine which handle a large bar but also will require a larger chain. Large chains will cut faster because you are taking a large bite of wood. And the large engine will have the extra power to handle the extra bar size and the large diameter chain. As you get into the large saw’s you also do pick-up little extra weight if you do heavier cutting you going to need that extra power but for light use you may not want that extra weight. Another important feature is the vibration on the saw. There is a good inner vibration system. The inner vibration system basically rubber mounts to the engine it helps to absorb the engine vibration so less vibration up into the handles.

It’s also very important typically when you using a saw you have your gloves on many times as in the fall or winter use. For your fuel reservoir and your burn chain resouvour with large diameter caps are very easy to remove with gloves. It makes it easier to fill those reservoirs. It’s also important safety feature that is definitely something that you want in any saw is a chain breaking system. Chain breaking system what that will do is if you should have a kick-back on burn chain, the break will engage to prevent, stopping the chain and hopefully preventing any injuries.

Also another thing you will see another time there will be comparable sized engines on different saws, but they will be lighter on weight, and have more hose power. Those are typically professional grade saws. Professional grade saws designed for longer usage. The lighter weight materials, and different engine technology to develop more power. So that is an excellent choice but you will pay a premium for those features. Also as I mentioned the chain is the part that is doing the work so sharp chain is very important. You may want to consider having a spare chain, so if you see double chain while you using, you could put a sharp chain to continue the project at hand. Chains can be sharpened either manually by yourself with a chain filing system or they be professionally done. The other thing is your chain safety is you want to make sure you have safety apparel. You want to make sure you have adequate ear protection, ear protection because the chains are usually very loud. This will help prevent ear damage. Also you have a lot of wood chips flying, when you using a saw you want to make sure you have proper eye protection to prevent any eye damage .

very proper way for protection is what they call a helmet system .helmet system has a hard hat so any falls ill protect the head , the eye shield that can be raised very easily put down when in use. And then has a built in ear protection as well. So this is an excellent choice to give you full protection. Another thing you may want to consider is a chap system, chaps have in the chaps so the chain should cross your leg, the chap will rap around the chain and help prevent any damage. I hope that helps in helping making a good decision for a chainsaw..

Husqvarna Power Equipment


Now it’s time for limbing work calmly and methodically as it’s easy to get kickbacks try to place the trunk so that you can work between waist and knee height stand to the left to the trunk and work from the base of the tree upwards stand firmly with your feet apart and keep the saw close to your body work with both the pulling and pushing chain and always try to rest his saw on the trunk or against your hip take care not to contact branches with the upper part of the bar nose only move when you have the trunk between yourself and the bar of the saw branches on the upper side at the trunk can be cut with the saw lying on its side you can limb the branches on the underside of the truck at the same time as the rest if you have a good working height if the tree has large branches they can be under great tension in which case you should limb then from the outside and in towards the truck saw with the bar held vertically to reduce the risk of getting caught if the branch is very large you might have to cut it from two sides observe how the branches attention so that you can solve them from the correct side otherwise there is a risk the saw will get caught if the tree is lying right on the ground you’ll have to wait the branches on the bottom until you’re finished with the others and roll the trunk over be careful when the trunk is close to the ground since it’s quite a risk that you touch something with the tip of the bar which will cause a kickback now you got cross-cutting left study the tree before you start especially if the trunk is thick first try to see how it’s tensioned watch how the trunk reacts when you start to saw you might have misjudged the tension stand off to the side of the cut since the trunk can jump up when it comes apart never stand below the truck at the ground a sloping if the trunk lies so that the pressure comes from above start with the cut from above saw about one third of the way through the trunk or until it starts to pinch the bar then cut from underneath to meet the first cut if instead the trunk lies so that the pressure comes from below you work the other way around start by sawing from underneath about one third of the way through the trunk or until it starts to pinch the bar then cut from above to meet the first cut if the bar gets stuck don’t try to pull out the saw instead stop the engine bend open the trunk until the thaw comes loose when you finished work it’s a good idea to take a look at your saw to make sure its functioning properly is safe and ready to go the next time you need it of course maintenance requirements depend on how much you use the saw

Toro® Commercial 21




Toro’s 21-inch commercial heavy-duty mowers have been trusted by contractors for more than 25 years. Because Toro’s unmatched quality of cut can’t be beat and because these mowers stand up to the job year after year. Now, Toro builds on that legacy bringing the heavy duty mower into the next generation with redesigned features for the most durable, reliable, and best performing heavy-duty mower yet. Starting with Toro’s ultra durable 21-inch deck, these aluminum alloy decks won’t rust and they deliver that signature recycler cut lawn after lawn. Replaceable steel wear plates hold up two curves to extend the life of the deck. The bagging system has also been redesigned for greater productivity with a rugged easy to empty bag that makes these new heavy-duty mowers great recyclers and excellent baggers.

The robust height-of-cut system sits within the diameter of the wheels, so it’s protected no matter where you’re cutting. And the ability to cut at heights all the way up to four-and-a-half inches means that these machines are ready to take on the job in any condition. Nine-inch tall by two-inch wide wheels are larger yet lighter in weight making the mower easier to push especially in wetter grass for less impact on the lawn.

Toro’s heavy-duty mower now comes in five different models including the proven single bail zone start, the productive blade brake clutch, and introducing an all-new model with variable speed up to miles an hour, and easy-to-use two bail control system, and the durable Kawasaki FJ 180 V engine. Toro’s 21-inch Commercial Heavy-Duty Walk Behind mowers: Mowers you can count on because our toughness is your strength.

Buyer’s Guide to Walk Behind Lawn Mowers


Hello my name is Ron Weingartz and I would like to go over some features and benefits of your typical residential mower. To start off with, there are electric and battery powered units. Electric and battery powered; a good application would be a smaller lawn so you don’t have to deal with the gas or the fumes and the noise of the gas. It’s typically used for smaller lawns and the electric draw back would be the cord and have the cord in the way with the advancement of battery technologies. good battery powered units are an excellent option today. From there we go into all mowers are available in push or self propelled. Push is just that, you will be doing the pushing to propel the mower. Where self propelled has power drive to the wheels, either to the front or rear wheels to basically do the work for you as far as propelling the mower across the lawn.

Mowers are available in 20, 21, 22 inch would be the standard cutting width, with different engine options. Your typical engine would be conventional side valve gas powered engine 4 cycle which means the gas will be separate but another option would be an over head valve engine. To compare an overhead valve engine to a side valve would be more torq ven though it may be the same placement would give you more power for heavier mowing conditions. When looking at a mower, mulching is a great way to go, but many mowers have a bagging option, so you may want to consider purchasing a mower that has that capability if you want to purchase the bag at the time of the mower purchase or add it on later.

Typically they are easy to change back and forth you just take the bag off and put the mulch plug in so it’s very easy to convert from a bag to a mulcher. The different deck options; steal deck is very common, steal deck is an excellent choice the only real draw back is over the course of time a steal deck can rust and you did get more vibration up in the handles then you would with aluminum or a deck.

A mower with cast aluminum decks advantage would be the deck won’t rust and it absorbs vibration so you get less vibration in the handles so it gives you longer life than a typical steal deck. Another option is Xneoy ( Nexite). The technology in the Xneoy. Xneoy gives you all the benefits of aluminum, but it’s lighter weight. Excellent performance. All these mowers will have height cut adjustments, typically they have a lever on each wheel to change your height at cut, if you want to raise the mower, depending on mowing conditions.

Self propelling features, they are available in single speed and multi speed, I’d recommend looking at a multi speed as you get into different conditions or different operators want to travel at different speeds, It gives you that flexibility the only other real feature is there are different starting features, one is what they call a zone start which would mean you would hold a bail on the mower and pull the rope, when you let go of the handle the engine will stop the alternative to that is called a blade break plus you start the mower like you would the conventional lone start to start the blade you would push the handle when you let go the blade will stop but the engine will continue to run. Another option would be an electric start this is a 12 volt with a charging system you just hold the handle turn the key and it will start electrically , which will eliminate the effort from pulling the rope to start.

I hope that helps in you making your purchasing decision and cover some of the basics and the differences in mowers..

Small Engine Repair



In this video I’m going to be talking about small-time engine repair I was mowing this when I ran into a small problem. And now my riding mower sounds like this: Worst-case scenario the shaft is bent. That’s something that’s not safe to fix and the solution is exactly to buy brand-new lawn mower. But let’s not anxiety hitherto. No fear I flexed the blade so I’ll go ahead and change that first. Always unplug the spark plug before is currently working on a riding mower. This is the mulching blade. It’s supposed to be inclination … but not this much. A bent blade that is out of counterbalance can cause a lot of pulse. A brand-new blade extends around twenty dollars but it’s easy to change. All right we have the brand-new blade in place so let’s shoot it up and see if it makes a difference. You can already see that it’s a lot better but there’s still some entertaining rackets and still some pulse. The flywheel key is going to have to be changed as well. This part is designed to be sacrificed when something like a stomp or rock causes the engine stopped abruptly.

It’s a awfully inexpensive persona but some disassembly is necessitated. Now I watched a whole lot of YouTube videos on how to change the flywheel key and some videos become better than others. On my website I link to the two excellent videos that I find. “Its what” the flywheel looks like. The slippery persona is going that 15/16 inch nut off because everything wants to turn. Now an impact strain will work best if you have one. If not you can do what I purposed up doing I exercised case of lumber propped between granting discharge trough and the blade in order to stop the blade from moving and I was able to remove the nut with the regular socket strain. Here are two flywheel keys. Yep that’s the aged one on the left sheared right in half and on the right is the new key.

With the flywheel back situate it’s just such matters up rowing up the slit and setting the brand-new key. Check out the steady camera project. All right there “theres going”. The key is still in place and the lawn mower is capable of being reassembled. Now I did have to go out and buy a torque strain like this one now because that 15/16 inch nut has to be torqued to 55 foot-pounds Now the moment of truth: Perfect. So, there you have it. For more information and for the links to those YouTube videos that I mentioned you are able to visit the blog affix on my website at mower Thank you very much for watching. Cheers.

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